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Working conditions
Opening a Demo Account

5000 $ virtual means

Tools 165+

Currency pairs, stocks, indices, metals, CFD

Trade practice

Bad trades do not bring loss

Who is targeted at

Novice traders and investors

Demo Account

Purpose Master the MetaTrader5 trading terminal

Possible income

Virtual funds in dollars

Open a virtual demo account
Risk free trading

Try trading before opening a new account

Virtual account

$ 5,000 in your virtual account

Investment Ideas

Find out how much you can earn on your idea

A demo account will allow you to:
Gain skills

You will gain practical skills in the financial markets

Prepare for trading

Prepare psychologically for trading on a live account

Work out strategies

Practice the nuances of trading strategies

Explore MT5

Get to know the functionality of the trading terminal

Learn aspects

To study aspects of technical and fundamental analysis

Form a strategy

Form your own trading strategy

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