What is Forex?

Forex (FOReign EXchange Market) is an international currency exchange market.

Its distinctive feature is that prices are formed on the basis of an agreement between the participants and depend only on supply and demand for a particular currency.

The Forex currency market allows you to make money in any situation due to rate fluctuations. If the demand for a certain currency falls, then this currency becomes cheaper.

At the same time, some other currency is becoming more popular, and its price is growing. It is on such fluctuations that the basic principles of trading are based.

Forgot password. What to do?

Go to the site, go to the "personal account" section at the bottom, click on the link "Forgot your password?" and enter the e-mail you provided during registration. A link will be sent to this mail, by clicking on which you can change your password.

How do I fund my account?

You can replenish your trading account by going to your personal account, section “Replenishment of the account”. For replenishment, you can use your crypto wallet, electronic wallet, WinPay and Moneta payment systems.

How to withdraw profit?

To withdraw funds from a trading account, you need to submit a withdrawal request. You can do this in your personal account by clicking "Withdraw" in the "Finance" section. You need to do the following:

• choose the most suitable withdrawal method for you;
• determine the account from which you want to withdraw funds;
• enter the required details;
• click "Next".

According to the company's regulations, the application is considered within 3 working days. Also, to execute an order, you should not have open trading positions on the account from which you withdraw funds, or your application will be rejected.

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What is the difference between Classic and ProSTP accounts?

The Classic account is suitable for novice traders, as it allows you to work with a leverage of 1: 500, which is important when working with small deposits.

The ProSTP account is suitable for experienced traders as it has a leverage limit of 1:50. This account is suitable for working with large deposits. ProSTP also has a higher order execution speed, as well as a floating spread.

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What trading instruments are available for use?

We provide over 165 different trading instruments, including: currency pairs, metals, CFDs on stocks and stock indices, as well as on various commodity assets.

You can get acquainted with the full list of instruments by going to the section "trading conditions".

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What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $ 10. To work with small deposits, we recommend using the Classic account.

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What is the minimum trading lot?

The size of the minimum trading lot is determined by the type of trading account: for the Classic account it is 0.01 lot, for ProSTP - 0.10 lot.

Before starting trading, we recommend that you visit the "Trading conditions" section or use the trader's calculator to understand the effect of the lot size on the pip value.

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What is an Expert Advisor?

An expert advisor (aka a trading robot) is a program in which a trading strategy is written using a program code. The trading process in it is automated, and the participation of a trader is not required.

If you rent a virtual server (VPS), install a robot on it, then trading will be carried out around the clock, since the VPS server ensures uninterrupted operation.

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